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If you look under art, virtual Art/Sprite Art, it goes in there
Mag's got an idea!

What if we somehow linked several different small forums together in affiliation program. A few PFU-goers (I can name two off the top of my head) also have their own forums. So what if each of us were to link to the others' forums, in a desperate bid to gain more members. If they visit one forum, they'll also see the link to the other forum, and vice versa. Seems like a fair thing to do since we're all trying to make the forums popular.
So, in other words, an advertisment forum to other forums to attract more members? That could be done, temporarily yeah. Okay, you've been approved. Everyone's from the PFU by the way, oh, and here's the code for your sig (Remove the asterisks):
[SIZE="2"*][B*][*URL=""]Sinnoh Forums, In need Of Members![*/URL][*/B][*/SIZE]

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