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Pokemon Channel
I don't know why, but a year ago, I got Pokemon Channel. It's only good enough to last you a week. And if you answered questions Pokemon asked you, you'd get a card! Some even made sounds when you wiggled them! Anyways, the game was weird. What do you think?
Personnaly, I've never heard of it, is it a PC/SNES/NES/N64/NGC/GBA/GBASP/DS/DSL/Wii? What console is it? Whats the main game? I'm guessing its a Spin-Off.
It's a game for the Gamecube. And yes, it is a spin-off. But unless it's for a special discount of $5(it only costed $10), don't buy it. It's not worth it! I will admit, making Pikachu play with a Ditto plushie looks awfully cute and fun!

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