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Naruto Club!
If anyone here likes Naruto, they can post their questions, answers, spoilers, info, and comments here. Maybe you can put spoilers here, but whatever. Just post Naruto stuff here.

Is Naruto gonna die in the shipuuden movie? And is Yondaime Naruto's real father? These are rumours i keep hearing from people.
I watch Naruto in japanese with eng subtitles!
Nah, I'm pretty sure he doesn't die in a movie. Who's Yodaime? I haven't watched a shipuden episode. I'm pretty sure his father turned out to be the leader of the Akatsuki. My brother Professor Me (do I really have to keep saying that?)says his name is Pain. Weird name.
Yeah, that's his name, it's spelt Pein (i think). Yondaime is the fourth Hokage, he looks a lot like Naruto. click the link for a wallpaper of him and Naruto. [img=]

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